Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Nothing like getting a call at 8:30am from your daughter saying she thinks she broke her hand and has to go to the ER. Just got home a little while ago from watching Vivi while Dear Daughter went to the ER. Laura is home and is fine, except for the cast she has to wear for six weeks.

She was walking back from taking Lucy to school and stumbled over a crack in the sidewalk, which are pretty bad in her neighborhood from all the old trees that grow around there. Had her hands in her vest pocket and couldn't break her fall. Ran forward a bit trying to recover, then slammed into the sidewalk on her right wrist and right knee. Ow. :( Poor thing and she's right handed too. Luckily she's somewhat ambidextrous (as am I) so she'll be able to compensate to an extent.

She was in so much pain they gave her major drugs while they set the bone. They were even going to put her out to do it but she said no way! HA! Just like me, I hate being drugged too.

Papa and I rushed over when she called, of course. Papa and I took one look at her hand and said, yup, it's fractured. Papa drove her to the ER, Jason came by later to pick her up.

She's home now, with little Lucy and Vivi. Lucy was adorable when she came home from school and saw Mommy's arm in a sling, said she'd help Mommy with everything. And she will, too, Lucy is such a little helper, that one! Vivi was still napping, so we won't see her reaction but she's also very caring and I know she'll lavish love on Mommy.

Just glad it wasn't worse, like the fairly deep scar I now have on my forehead from a similar accident a few months ago. I was walking down the hall with Vivi on my hip, it was dusk and the lights weren't on yet, and did the same thing; hit the toe of my sandal on a toy the kids must've left out that I didn't see and simply could not regain my balance. I stumbled forward, almost running, Vivi on my hip, trying to recover but couldn't. I could have, if I dropped Vivi, but I sure as hell wasn't going to drop the baby to brace myself. So I pitched forward holding on to Vivi with a death grip and banged my forehead on a kiddie chair. I didn't understand I'd even done it until I felt the blood run down my face. I still have a scar there, I'll have it for life. Papa calls it my Hero Nana Scar, heh. :) Says it's a "life scar" and I should be proud of it.

Better me hurt than the baby, that's for sure. Vivi was a bit shaken up from hitting the ground but perfectly fine.

Just goes to show you never know when something like that can happen. I must continue to remind myself to slooooowwww down. Rushing is good in emergencies, otherwise, I really need to take my time. I will add this to my list of things I must work on.

It's a looooong list, folks. Long.

Anyway, no meditation today, although Daws and I did fill out our Q&A book we're loving so much this morning before we got the call/text.

And I got to blog! See? *points at blog* YAY ME! Hahaha...

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