Tuesday, January 6, 2015


The grandkids are an endless source of delight and we're so fortunate that they live only 10 minutes away, all three of them.

Lucy, the eldest, has hit that stage where she is beginning to think she knows it all. And she's only five and a half! Yesterday I watched both her and Vivian while Daddy had an appointment and Mommy had to work. She was watching the new "Annie" movie and kept griping every time anyone walked in front of the screen. "I can't see!" she complained. When anyone talked, "I can't hear!" she'd whine. Of course, this didn't stop her from running around playing with her sister off and on, thereby crossing the screen herself. or from talking loudly whenever she felt the need, thereby preventing others from hearing the dialog.

Not that we *wanted* to, the movie appears to be woefully lacking in quality, sorry to say.

Finally in frustration, she ended up standing on the wooden entertainment system and clinging to the TV, all but mashing her face against the screen.

"Lucy, get down! That's dangerous!"

"It's my TV, I can stand here if I want!"

Oh, no you DIDN'T!

"Lucy, it's not your TV," Papa and I chorused, "It's your PARENTS' TV! You don't own anything here, it's all theirs and you just get to use it."

Lucy had the good grace to look slightly abashed.

But only slightly. After all, she's FIVE and she knows EVERYTHING and if she doesn't, she'll soon learn enough about it so she can lecture you on it.


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