Friday, May 9, 2008

Laura's Shower and the Great MOB Dress Hunt Still Goes On

No time for a "real" post but I thought I'd link to the pictures and videos from the shower. Oh and lazy Woody-Cat too!

Still no dress for the wedding and yes, I am starting to really worry. I have a backup but it's not really what I, or Laura, would like. Still...a dress is coming today; if that doesn't work, I'll have to hit the stores again and if I still can't find something, I guess I'll be forced to hit the bridal stores. Which I don't want to do because they are SUCH a rip-off.

So wish me luck.

Here is an example of a cat sleeping a lot:

Lazy Woody

And here are some movies of the shower:

Video of House/Guests Before Laura Arrived

More Video of Party Before Laura Arrived

Laura Arrives and there is a Media Frenzy

Aaand here is a approx. 5 minute video of the entire "panty" game:

Panty Game

Aaaaand some still shots from the party:

Still Shots from the Shower

Laura blogged about her shower too; check out my links to the right for Laura's blog.

Oh and Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! This is my favorite Mother's Day clip, enjoy:

Mother's Day Funny

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Kela said...

Aww... love all the pics and when I'm not at work I'll check out the videos!

Thanks for Sharing ANNIE!