Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So I racked my stupid knee against my stupid desk yesterday afternoon and today the knee is !@#%#!@#! up. I remember hitting it and saying "ow!" loudly but it's not like it bothered me after that. I went on with my day, no problem. Forgot I'd even done it at all.

Until I woke up this morning and tried to, you know, walk on the damn thing.

ARgh! I have to lose five million pounds in four weeks! This ain't helpin' matters! NO! It's not!

In other news, the UPS man in his cute little brown suit has been fetching Mother of the Bride dresses to my door regularly but I've yet to find anything remotely suitable. How in the world do what looks like perfectly respectable looking "Mother of the Bride" dresses in the online ads translate into "Skanky Ho For Sale" dresses when I put them on?

The dress that was the front runner arrived yesterday but when I put it on and looked in the mirror, I couldn't help but burst out laughing. When I went down the hall to show Daws, his eyes bugged out.

"How much?" he quipped.

And he didn't mean the dress.


And going out to the stores has not proven fruitful either. I think today's dress designers are all on crack; that's how messed up dress designs and patterns are today, I swear! I keep bumping into other Mothers of the Bride/Groom; we recognize one another immediately by our hollow eyes and sickly expressions.

One woman held up a revolting looking dress and hastily dropped it again, as if she'd touched a snake.

Horrible out there. Just...awful.

We're all thinking, "I spent four thousand dollars in gas to drive the 20 minutes out here and for this crap?"

Oh well. More dresses on the way. Keep your fingers crossed.

The UPS guy has a workout coming.

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Kela said...

Stupid Desk hitting my stupid Knee! I love it! Whenever something hurts or pisses you off - its the one thats stupid! LOL! I do that too!

You know thats funny because a similar thing happend to me this weekend... Ryan and went bike riding on Saturday... and I apparently twisted my ankle - but it was fine.. I don't even remember doing it - but Ryan does... went on with the ride and had a busy rest of the day... no complaints... then Sunday I got up to go play tennis and voila - super f'ed up ankle! The human body is a strange devise!

As for the dresses - I wanna see what you've got so far - maybe you need a new pair of eyes to see if maybe you are picking the wrong shapes of dresses (hooker for the most part it seems) or what is going on! I'm down to go shopping or be a second pair of eyes for you if you are intested!