Friday, March 14, 2008

I've Been, er...Busy. Yeah. That's Right

I know, I open up a blog and then I don't update it frequently. Well, we've been busy. After all, I do have that book I'm writing that I never started. Hey, shut up; I have a title. That's the hardest part, as everyone knows.

Yes,, I'm working on the outline. In my head. While watching "American Idol". And "Survivor". And while reading the latest Stephanie Meyer novel.

I said, shut up!

Then there's my camera hobby I'm supposed to be utilizing.

And all those classes I'm taking...

Okay, so I'm not taking any classes; that was a fib.

I'd like to take some classes. Maybe. But that would entail, you know...actually going to said-classes and I don't know about that...sounds like I'd have to get up and move about and drive and park and...tsk tsk, a lot of work, all that.

So I leave you with another amazing Cat Video starring our Woody. I do admire our Woody; he SO has his priorities straight.

Now, complaining about the fluffiness of this post. I did have an entire rant about war and what is it good for, etc., very serious, sad and quite dark but I decided to unload my Worldly Political thoughts onto my poor Dawson instead. So you can count yourself very very lucky.

And thank Daws for taking the bullet for ya all.

Enjoy. And have a great weekend!

(If you cannot see the video on your computer, try going here directly:
Woody Vid


Kela said...

Mmmm... Stephanie Meyer books... DROOL! I'm also stuck in "Forks" reading and reading and reading - there is no time for anything else! LOL! Glad we can share this obsession/addiction!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Love Always,

P.s - Your video doesn't want to work for me. :(

Laura said...

Your too busy with my wedding so don't worry a bit!

And the video worked for me... cutie woddy!

Kela said...

OK - saw the video!

"Hey - I am busy in here... do you mind?" - Woody


I love it!